Do you want honest exercise bike Ratings? Find out out which brand is the best in terms of quality and price? Want to learn how to choose the exercise bike which is right for you, then read our detailed guide how to choose indoor exercise bikes. Our experts have tested and compared more than a dozen bikes, and we have prepared detailed results and our tips for you. If you wonder how to choose a bike, you first need to know how do they differ from each other. It is clear that indoor exercise bikes are designed for in-home training, when there is no possibility or desire to do it outdoor.

Lots of people love cycling, and from time to time they start thinking about getting and an exercise bike for their home. So they can keep training even in the rainy or snowy weather conditions. Today on the market there are thousands of different brands nad models, and it is hard to compare them if this is your first Stationary Bike.
We will help you to narrow down you choice so you will be able to order a perfect bike for your needs. We are going to upload a comparison chart below here so if you don’t have lots of time for reading you will be able to make a quick comparison by the main features of the bikes. We also did a research so we will give you recommendations based on price and quality.

One of the first and main questions you will have when choosing models what kind of exercise bike do I need. The main two types are Recumbent and Upright. Lots of people are not familiar with those terms. We will have another post specially for comparing those two.

As for now lets get familiar with our top 5 picks.